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By Zoe X - October 21 2010

Want to play team Bingo? Then just follow the simple steps below and you will be on your way to playing as part of a team at Bingo Cove!

You need three players to play so you must pick your 3 players and send Bingo Cove all of your names. You and your team then need to think of a team name for yourselves and you must be sure to include all of your usernames for all of your team members. Send all of this info to [email protected]

You can only be in one team at a time and if you don’t have a team but wish to take part in team bingo send the above email address an email and Bingo Cove will put you into one.
When you have done all of the above then you can get playing bingo and get lots of points to win prizes.

As always Bingo Cove has rules that they need players to abide by and here they are, the winning team is the team that has scored the most points during any one month and if at one point there is a tie then a team must win on the ‘T’ pattern.

The 7th of every month is the deadline for all team bingo entries. Team Bingo will not take into account any entries after this date and any bingo will be counted towards any team bingo scoring will be a full house on any 90 or 75 ball bingo game.

To make scoring fairer to all the players of Team Bingo they are only counting the bingo’s between 8pm and 12am towards all of the team’s final scores and players must stay in the same team at all times and not permitted to change unless they wait till the following month when the teams change. That’s about it, happy bingo-ing!

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