The Ten Best Things About Online Bingo

By Ben Barker - March 21 2016



Bingo has rocketed in popularity due to the game being accessible to millions of enthusiasts through online sites. But what is so great about playing online and why should you do it? Here’re some of the best things about playing online, which are leading to the game becoming ever-more-popular.


1-Great offers and bonuses


When you play online bingo, you get the chance to win fantastic prizes as soon as you sign up! From introductory offers to weekly prizes, there are hundreds of opportunities to become a winner. Rewards can range from matching your initial deposit to handsome sign up or loyalty bonuses.


2-A host of different games


Online bingo offers a host of different types of games in different rooms. You can play traditional bingo games like 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo or try a variety of different types to always keep you on your toes!


3-Make new friends from around the world


One of the best things about bingo is the social element, whether it be playing with your friends or making new ones! With online bingo, you can meet new players and make new bingo buddies every night by playing and chatting in different game rooms. The vast majority of bingo chat rooms have a messenger feature, meaning that playing online is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world who love bingo as much as you do, and you can cheer each other on when you win.


4- Play from home


Whether you are curled up in bed or relaxing on the couch with a cup of tea, you can play bingo at any time of the day. You can partake in a whole host of different bingo games never leaving the comfort of your home.


5- A new found flexibility


Whether it is when the kids are in school or if you are a night owl, there is always a game of bingo on the go that you can play. Online bingo offers flexibility that cannot be matched by your local bingo hall. Weekends, holidays, you name it, you can still play.


6-The house rules


Regardless of whether you are a smoker, a drinker or even if you want to play in your pyjamas, there are no strict rules that you need to follow. You can do whatever you please and still have access to a game of bingo through a number of online sites.


7-Ideal for the remote player


If you live far from the local bingo hall, the days of the arduous commute are over. Now you can enjoy the same social experience with the perks of promotional offers and bonuses without having to travel.


8- Multiplay


With online bingo there is no limit to the number of cards you can play, meaning that you can play several bingo cards and maximise your chance of winning.


9-Take a break


If you want to take a break from the game, you can do so knowing that when you do, there is still a game to come back to play. You don’t need to concentrate and listen for hours to play, and you can fit games in at convenient times for you.


10- It’s still bingo!


Regardless of whether you are playing online, chatting with friends or sitting on the couch, playing online means that you can still play bingo, the game you love. With more people than ever embracing online bingo, make sure today is the day you give it a try.

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