The £25,000 Joy Pot visits Wink Bingo

By Dani Lee - September 14 2010

The next Joy Pot bingo game is soon to take place at Wink Bingo. There’s a guaranteed £25,000 to be won and this time there will be just one lucky winner who takes away the lot! Sounds good doesn’t it? Well it gets better, the Joy Pot game is completely free to play!

Basically the Joy Pot starts with a massive £100,000 prize pot which is split between 4 online bingo games played across the year at Tasty, Posh, RedBus and Wink Bingo. Every time you play bingo on any of these sites, you will collect free Joy Points. Every 500 Joy Points you collect are worth 1 bingo card for the game.

Before each Joy Pot game plays all of your points earned across those bingo sites are merged and converted into free bingo cards for the game. If you want to make life easier you can always buy bingo cards for the game at £2 per card.

The next Joy Pot game which will be hosted by Wink Bingo will play on Friday 24th September at 9pm so you still have a week or so to earn those Joy Points. Other ways you can collect them is by bingo-ing on the Gold pattern for 5 points, bingo-ing on the number 25 for 1 point and emailing [email protected] telling them what you’d put in your Joy Pot will get you 20 points. Every £10 spent on bingo is worth 2 points whilst every £50 spent on instant games is worth 1 points which doesn’t seem like a lot!


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