The £2K Summer Holiday at Tasty Bingo!

By Becky Mosley - April 28 2010

It’s that time of year when we all start to think about our holidays and Tasty Bingo could make your dream holiday possible in their £2K Summer Holiday offer.

The £2K Summer Holiday game will play on Sunday 4th July at 7pm the Full House Prize is £1500 which is sure to send you off somewhere exotic. For two lines you’ll win £350 which could just about cover a short break away and one line winners will receive £150 which would cover a day out for you and the family.

The game might be a couple of months away yet but if you use the pre-buy option and stock up on your £1 bingo tickets now, you’ll have plenty by the time the game finally comes around which will definitely improve your chances of winning.

Tasty Bingo also gives their members the option of earning their way into the £2K Summer Holiday game by collecting Tasty points. For every 500 Tasty points you accumulate, you will get one bingo ticket for the game. You can earn 250 points by emailing Tasty with details of the tastiest thing you’ve ever done on your hols and there’s 20 points for up for grabs if you bingo on the SUN and letter H and AIRPLANE patterns. For every £1 you spend on bingo you will get 10 points and every £20 spent on slot games will get you 5 points so regular Tasty Bingo players will soon see their Tasty Points grow.

So if you thought a holiday abroad was beyond your budget this year get involved in the £2K Summer Holiday game and you might soon have some spare cash to book the vacation of your dreams!
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