The £2Mil Thrill at Tasty Bingo

By Dani Lee - July 21 2010

You’ve probably dreamt of what you would do if you won millions of pounds. With Tasty Bingo you might just get the chance to find out with their all new £2Mil Thrill game. The game plays every other Saturday at 9pm and you’ll win no less than £150 and a maximum of £2,000,000!

You can pre-buy your cards any time you like then all you have to do is decide how you’d spend the money! The less calls it takes you to bingo the more money you’ll win, easy!

Calls                 Prize

Up to 40 Calls £2,000,000

Up to 41 Calls £500,000

Up to 42 Calls £250,000

Up to 43 Calls £125,000

Up to 44 Calls £75,000

Up to 45 Calls £25,000

Up to 46 Calls £10,000

Up to 47 Calls £5,000

Up to 48 Calls £4,000

Up to 49 Calls £3,500

Up to 50 Calls £2,500

Up to 51 Calls £1000

Up to 52 Calls £500

Up to 53 Calls £250

Up to 54 Calls £150

Cards for the £2Mil Thrill Game cost just £1 and you’re allowed to buy up to 36 and remember the games play every other week so even if you’re not lucky one week it won’t be long before there’s another game and another chance for you to win big!


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