The £3K L.A at Posh Bingo

By Dani Lee - April 19 2011

Posh Bingo has a new promotion on the site called the £3K L.A which gives you guys the chance to play for the holiday of your dreams when you win £2500 in holiday vouchers as well as £500 in spending money. The £3K L.A Game will play at 9.45pm on the 3rd July and could turn your dream into a reality.

With £2500 in holiday vouchers plus your £500 spending money for just £1 per ticket, you will be living the American Dream in the City of Angels. You could swing by Universal Studios to visit the place where some of the biggest blockbusters of all time have been filmed or head to Hollywood to spot a few celebs.

You can pre-buy your £1 bingo cards now or earn cards for every 500 L.A points you earn. You can earn points for wagering on instant and bingo games, bingo-ing on the letters L,A and X or the Star pattern or emailing in stating where you would like to go and why or who you would take with you and the reason for this. There's detailed info on site on how to collect those points and you have plenty of time between now and the game in July to do so.

New members get a free 200% welcome bonus when they join this bingo site followed by 50% on your reloads so if you're not yet a member, go get signed up today!

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