The Biggest Bingo Stories of The Last Decade

By Ben Barker - March 13 2015

What are some of the biggest bingo related stories of the last 10 years? We’ve come up with these gems that captured the public’s attention, whether they were about actual bingo games or not!

Obama’s Stepmother Launches Bingo Game


Back in 2009, the year Obama was inaugurated as president of the United States, his stepmum Kezia Obama helped  launch an online Gala bingo game to raise £1 million for Sue Ryder Care. She launched Mrs Obama’s Online Bing, which live on January 14 and only operated until January 23. Gala will donate 10p from every £1 spent on the game to Sue Ryder Care.

Hospital Food Bingo


Again in 2009, a British hospital patient, who referred to himself only as “Traction Man”, became so disgusted with his daily meals that he set up a blog which chronicled the culinary abominations and asked readers to guess the dish. Not surprisingly most people failed to guess correctly.

Sacha Baron Cohen Sued For Bingo Hall Stunt


Several years ago, Sacha Baron Cohen was sued after he burst in on a charity bingo tournament while playing Bruno, a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter, for his upcoming film of the same name. Baron Cohen grabbed the microphone at the event in Palmdale, California, and started using bad language in front of an elderly audience while calling the numbers. A struggle ended up in the event organiser suffering an injury.

PlayTech Buys Virtue Fusion


In 2010 the online gaming software giant Playtech purchased the internet bingo company Virtue Fusion in a deal worth up to £36 million. It’s one of the biggest tactical acquisitions in recent years. The deal was expected to push Playtech to the forefront of the international online bingo industry and it did.

Online Bingo Embraces Technology

In 2011, the Mirror reported that online bingo was going to make itself more interactive by embracing new technology. Wiki Bingo had noted that technology is to be used in this manner throughout 2011. “Sites are now stressing the social elements of the game and several are using cutting-edge technology like live video feeds, social media tools and even 3D,” it added. Some of that has certainly come true, especially the social element of gaming.


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