The Celebrity Quiz at Ladbrokes Bingo

By Dani Lee - July 22 2010

If you think you know your celebrity gossip why not test yourself in the Bingo Celebrity Quiz at Ladbrokes Bingo?

If you think your celeb knowledge is pretty good you could make yourself a few quid by taking part in the Celebrity Quiz which could earn you £50. There are just 10 questions so as long as you know your stuff and are quick enough to get your answer in, you could be the big winner!

The Celebrity Bingo Quiz takes place every Wednesday at 6pm in the Bingo Lounge. The Chat Moderator will be asking the questions which could be about the latest sporting events or celebrity news. The first, second and third person to answer each question correctly will win points and the three top scoring players at the end will each win a cash prize.

The player with the most points overall will win £50 whilst the second and third will win £25 and £10 respectively.

Ladbrokes amended their Welcome Bonus a few months back so it’s a good time to sign up right now with a free £20 bonus for your trouble. You do have to fund your new account with £5 to claim the free £20 but previously the required deposit was £10 so you get the same Welcome Bonus and it costs you less to achieve it. What are you waiting for?!

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