Bingo News: The end of Bingo Night Live

By Becky Mosley - November 25 2008

It looks as through ITV1 show Bingo Night Live has come to an end due to viewing figures and participation levels not being high enough.

Bingo Night Live started on 4th June 2008 and originally aired on ITV1 five nights a week. On 10th October a world record was broken by Bingo Night Live for the most people playing an online bingo game, the lucky winner of that game won an amazing £60,500.

Celebrity presenters for Bingo Night Live included Melinda Messenger and Jenny Powell, with Russell Grant pre-recording an astrology section for the show.

Bingo Night Live had their budget cut down after three months and the frequency of the shows was cut down to three per week.

It was assumed that the show would have another series but ITV have confirmed that the show has come to an end. The final show of Bingo Night Live was aired on the 15th November after six months of broadcasting. To mark an end to Bingo Night Live £25,000 was given away on the last show to the winner of the Golden Jackpot.

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