The Escalator is Escalating at Crown Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - December 29 2010

Just last week when Crown Bingo announced that Deal or No Deal Bingo jackpot would be turning into "The Escalator", this prize money was just over £90,000. The ball call started escalating on the 24th December at 32 balls, it is now up to 34 balls and the prize money is up to a huge £100,070. Every single day, the bigger this jackpot prize grow the easier it becomes to win – so tomorrow it will be 35 balls and the next day it will be 36, but who knows how big the prize will be?

This prize should be won a little closer to the New Year, or even a day or two after, it just depends on how lucky Crown Bingo members get – however, just bear this in mind, this is a "Networked" prize. When it is won, 50% goes to the winner and the other 50% goes to the players in the same bingo room who have bought bingo tickets into that game. There is nothing quite like sharing the wealth, especially when it is a big prize! Then once the money is won, the Deal or No Deal Bingo prize resets back to £10,000 again and it also starts to grow again. Traditionally if the DOND prize is not won for a while, they think of a special occasion to start "The Escalator" up again.

Starting on Sunday the 26th December, and ending on Wednesday the 5th January, you will also find a great slots deal playing at Crown Bingo. They are giving you 11% cash back on 11 slots games for 11 days – what fun!? There is a different slot game for every days play, but they are also only choosing the most popularly played of these games. For example Thursday the 30th December is Atlantis Gold, and so on.

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