The owner of Ricky’s Bar is banned from Mecca Huddersfield

By Asin Agrawal - December 5 2015

The owner of a local pub has been banned from a bingo hall in Huddersfield, after the staff at the venue learnt that the man has declared himself bankrupt.


Ricky Park has been ordered to stay away from the Mecca Bingo on St Thomas Road in Huddersfield, despite having been a member for 4 years, and playing there twice or thrice a week. Mecca Bingo has a strict policy which forbids players from playing at their clubs if they are bankrupt. This is a part of their responsible gaming policy. The move comes after a local newspaper (The Examiner) did a piece on Ricky in November. They claimed he has amassed debts of £50,000, and struggles to meet ever rising costs, amid a declining client base.

The pub used to be the centre of operations for Huddersfield Town Football Club’s entertainment after a match, but has now been forced to close down. The pub was known as the Waggon and Horses, before its closure.

The owner of Ricky’s Bar is banned from Mecca Huddersfield


Re-apply In The Future

Ricky feels as though Mecca Bingo staff must have read the article appearing in The Examiner, and decided to cut him off based on that. Mecca Bingo have commented by saying that Mr Park can reapply to join the Mecca Bingo club, just as soon as his bankruptcy case has been resolved.

The ongoing war of words is likely to continue, but many feel for the former pub owner, especially since he declared himself bankrupt. Mecca Bingo is sticking to their guns, though, and for the foreseeable future, there appears to be no plans to allow Mr Park in to play bingo at the club.


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