The Ultimate Christmas Film Playlist

By Ben Barker - December 11 2015

With Christmas on the horizon we decided to make a list a movies you should watch this holiday season, a selection of a few modern films as well as a few classics. Take a look below and see whether your favourite Christmas flick made it onto the list!

    Home Alone Film Poster

  1. Home Alone: (1990)

    This 1990 classic stands the test of time. Home Alone is revered as one of the best comedy films ever made as well as best Christmas movies ever made. Sure the sequels weren’t that great and child actor Macaulay Culkins acting career was short lived but that doesn’t take anything anyway from this Christmas classic. If you haven’t watched this movie, then here is a quick little premise of what takes place: The McCallsters’ are going on a holiday to Paris, but the due to the family being VERY forgetful they leave one of their sons (Kevin) behind. Kevin then realises what has happened and starts a few antics while his family is away, but then he finds himself in trouble when two criminals try to break into the house.


    2. The Nightmare Before Christmas: (1993)

    Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the most creative takes on the meaning of Christmas I have ever seen. This Tim Burton film is what happens when you mix Christmas and Halloween together. The Unlike your conventional Christmas movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a stop motion animation rather than live action or computer animation. Without ruining the film, here is a quick little summary. The main character, Jack, is a skellington who goes around scaring people, while on his adventures he comes across “Christmastown”. Having learnt about Christmas, Jack decides to kidnap Santa, as you do. This film has a great story, great songs and a great art direction.


    3. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

    We picked this edition of A Christmas Carol for two reasons. Firstly, this edition has a good sense of humour and secondly, it has Michael Caine playing as Scrooge, his acting in this film is top notch. I’m sure you all know the story to this Charles Dickins novel, but the Muppets version takes the story and puts its own twist on it. Using Muppet characters and a few human actors to tell the tale as well as using their humour, this film feels like a breath of fresh air and doesn’t take itself too seriously, if you haven’t already watched this version, then you are seriously missing out.


    4. Miracle on 34th Street: (1947/1994)

    If you don’t know already, Miracle on 34th Street has one of the oddest Christmas stories ever. The story follows an older gentleman who is working at a department store as a Santa impersonator, however he gets a little bit too into his job and starts believing that he is indeed Santa. So much so he tells the world about it and goes to court. He has to argue that he is Santa and tries to convince people that he is. Whether you want to watch the original or the 90s remake is up to you, personally I would go for the original.


    5. A Christmas Story: (1983)

    A Christmas Story is another comedy Christmas movie, based on In God We Trust by Jean Shepherd, A Christmas Story focuses on a kid called Ralphie. It’s coming to Christmas and all that Ralphie wants is a BB rifle, but his mother isn’t keen on letting her son play with a BB gun. Dealing with the hardship of school bullies and trying to get help from his teacher and Santa to get him the BB gun he’s always wanted. The story focuses around the relationships in the family, rather than action like in some other Christmas movies. For example, the relationship between Ralphie and his dad is complicated, he’s quite an angry person, but he clearly cares about the wellbeing and happiness of his family.

    Did your favourite Christmas classic make the list? Share your favourite films with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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