The Worst Offers Ever!

By Ben Barker - April 29 2015

Here at Best Offer Bingo we concentrate on trying to provide customers with the best offers we can, as our name suggests! But we thought we’d take a moment out of our busy schedules to look at some of the worst deals we’ve ever seen offered.

This seems Fishy

Worst Offers Ever - Two for £5

Ok, there’s nothing about fish on this label, but it made for a good intro. Here we have a cut-price offer of one drink for £2.05 or 2 for £5.00. On first glance, your eye catches the 2 for 5 on the right? Which seems like a great deal for what appears to be the leading Japanese beer Asahi. However upon closer inspection you realise you’re actually just almost wasting an extra pound if the deal went through, not something many would be happy about in today’s economic climate!

Here’s what you could have had

Worst Offers Ever - Sausage Rolls Price Rise

£2.99 for large sausage rolls! Yes please! Oh wait, what? Reduced from £2.89? This store has opted for a ‘here’s what you could have had’ style of offer.

To think that this sign actually made it to the shop floor is baffling. Not only has it got to be checked by someone who prints it, it will then by seen by whoever puts it on the shop, and then finally should be checked by a manager. They were obviously all quite satisfied that the increase in price would be a good selling point, showing people what they missed out on had they come on a different day. At Best Offers Bingo we try to give you the lowest possible prices we can!

Dinner With Malky Mackay

Worst Offers Ever - Malky Mackay dinner

This is one of the stranger deals of 2015 to say the least. For the uninformed, Sam Allardyce is a mid-table premier league manager, and Malky Mackay was a premier league manager with Cardiff City for a short while. What makes this offer so strange is not just the odd pricing of £139, but Malky Mackay’s tainted reputation. He was found to have been sending racist and anti-Semitic texts not long ago. So if you ever wanted to have a chat over dinner with an average manager and a someone caught in a media storm, you now know the price.

‘I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse’

Worst Offers Ever - The Godfather

One of the most famous quotes in American film history. In ‘The Godfather’ Don Corleone says this about the boss of a film studio who wouldn’t hire his grandson, whose career was fading. We don’t know exactly what the offer was, but with the film studio boss waking up with a horses head, we can assume that the offer was hire his grandson or death. We don’t like that offer too much at Best Offers, preferring to give potential customers a more free, less harmful choice!

Souvenir for a quaint £75

Worst Offers Ever - Michael Jackson £75 souvenir

Michael Jackson, God rest his soul, passed away on June 25th 2009. This was just before his big performance come back, and left many who had bought a ticket at a loss of what to do. The company behind the tour, AEG, decided to then come up with an offer where they could still recoup some of their money. Instead of people getting their full money back, they decided a worthy offer would be a special souvenir ticket, for the mere price of the ticket they paid, which ranged from £75 upwards. As you can imagine, this left a pretty sour taste in most people mouths, as they didn’t quite see the value being worth it. It seemed to be a desperate money making scheme in the light of the King of Pops death.

Apartment for a duck

Worst Offers Ever? Friends duck v apartment

Friends, God rest the show’s soul, was arguably one of the best comedy shows ever made. The show ending came at a great despair to many adoring fans, pondering what they will do with life once it ends. In the episode entitled ‘The One with the Embryo’s’, we see a very uneven offer made between Joey, Chandler, Monica and Rachel. If the girls win, the boys have to get rid of the birds they have in their apartment. If the boys win, they get to swap apartments with the girls (with the girls having a much bigger apartment). While you can’t put sentimental value on the birds, I’ll put my neck on the line to say that the girls had the worse end of the deal. Putting where you live on the line in exchange to get rid of someone else’s duck and chicken doesn’t quite hold up.

Rest assured, Best Offers Bingo will never try to fob off such terrible deals on you!

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