There’s something about Wrexham and bingo

By Kat Kynes - October 28 2015

Earlier in October of this year, Rosemary Anne Jones was playing at her local Mecca Bingo in Wrexham, like she always had done. However this time was different, not only did she win, but she also won an “Once-in-a-lifetime holiday”.


Rosemary Anne is now packing her bags and getting set for her cruise around the Caribbean. Rosemary couldn’t believe her luck, “I couldn’t believe my luck, so much so I didn’t tell a soul for just under a week! I’ve been playing bingo at Wrexham for as long as I can remember sometimes seven days a week.” The manager of Mecca bingo in Wrexham, Mike Etherington, congratulated Rosemary, “It’s great to see a valued, loyal bingo player like Rosemary Anne win a once-in-a-lifetime holiday”.

Rosemary then talked about how Bingo has helped her keep friendships and plan for future holidays, “Bingo certainly brings friends together; we even used to plan UK holidays depending where the nearest Mecca club was situated!” Back in July, a lady who has wished to stay anonymous won £188,500 at the same bingo hall in Wrexham. Who knows, maybe Wrexham is where the gold is at for bingo players across the world.

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