Think Bingo – Still around after all these years!

By Peter X - January 31 2011

One thing Think Bingo does not is change its face for its players, even after all these years. This bingo site has been a standalone site after starting out in the UK seven years ago, and although they have changed a little, its fans seem to like it just as it is. Think is obviously attracting new fans too or it wouldn't still be around – but it is! So they must be doing something right. For an informed choice the fans have spoken and you can't go far wrong with this bingo site; it is after all where the "Thinkers" play!

One change to the site is the monthly cashback – this was reserved for VIP players and now all players have access to it which is a bonus for all the regular players. Also, it still pays to be a VIP, as these players understandably earn more, but what this change actually means is that there are no losers at Think Bingo. So, let's look at what you get: Non-VIPs get 1%, Bronze VIPs get 2%, Silver VIPs get 3%, Gold VIPs get 4% and Diamond VIPs get 5%. There you have it, the higher you are on the VIP levels the more refund you earn on your losses! There is another slight change to this system in that these refunds are paid weekly instead of monthly, which means if you are a loser this week, you get more money to play the following week and refunds are paid on a Monday.

All the great games that have always been available at this site, are still available and look to be going strong. You get a Welcome Offer of £20 free when you make a deposit of £10, but, if you deposit as much as £50, Think Bingo gives you £100 back so you basically get 200% bonus. That is a huge amount of money for playing online bingo which is a traditionally a budget priced game. Make sure you check out the guaranteed prizes, games for TV's, Laptop, Home Theatre Systems and lots of other hot stuff.

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