This weekend at Bingo Fabulous

By Becky Mosley - April 24 2010

Bingo Fabulous have a fantastic prize for those of you who like to keep fit and healthy and enjoy the lovely weather we’ve been having. There’s 5 x Badminton Sets up for grabs this weekend, the sets consist of 4 racquets, 3 shuttlecocks, posts, a net and a bag to carry it all around in.

If you wouldn’t mind getting your mitts on one of these sporty kits you will need to bingo on the letter B pattern this weekend, good luck!

Also this weekend the £1000 Coverall game takes place on Friday and Saturday at 10pm and 9.30pm respectively. You can pre-buy your tickets if you’re busy so you might miss the game but you won’t miss out on the chance of winning! On Saturday and Sunday night at 10pm there’s also the £5000 Coverall so there’s plenty of big money prizes to play for this weekend.

In the Love Cash promotion the player who bingos the most on the Heart pattern will get £100 bonus and in Free Cash the player who plays the most games over the weekend will win £200 free!

Thirty players who bingo on the number 17 as part of the Zodiac promotion, will get 5000 points each and in Lucky Jar all players who bingo on the number 33 win a share of £1000 in points so there will be more than a few points balances getting a boost this week!

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