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By Becky Mosley - March 2 2010

There are a fair few promotions on at Titan Bingo at the mo so we thought we’d give you the lowdown on what’s on and when. The Showdown takes place at Noon daily in the Barmy Club. There is a £125 minimum prize pot per game. If you score a Full House you will walk away with £100, there’s also a second prize of £15 and third prize of £10 to be won not to mention the huge £3500 Barmy Special Jackpot!

2 Ton at 2 takes place every day at 2pm in the Barmy Club and makes lunch times a little more exciting. There’s up to £200 up for grabs with a £25/£75/£150 prize split. This is another game which offers the £3500 Barmy Special Jackpot so you could potentially win big when you play this game.

The Barmy Big One runs nightly at 7pm and is a chat game with a £250 minimum prize again the split is £25/£75/£150 and there’s also that Barmy Special Jackpot to play for.

Gold Digger offers players some Midnight fun and a whopping £500 prize fund! Get your midnight munchies ready and get yourself comfy before you get started otherwise you might want to pre-buy your tickets if Midnight’s a little late for you.

The Crown Jewel is a sparkler of a game offering a generous £1000 prize every night at 10pm in the Royal Court. Tickets cost just 10p and the minimum prize is £100 (x 3) so be sure to stock up on tickets. There’s also a BOGOF offer on tickets plus a guaranteed £700 to be won! You can pre-buy tickets for this game too so you needn’t worry you might miss out.

Free Bingo is just another fine promotion brought to you by Titan Bingo. You can have up to 12 free cards and there are £5 prizes up for grabs. The freebie games take place at 10.30am, 1.30pm, 4.30pm and 10.30pm each and every day.

No promos list would be complete without some BOGOFs and Titan Bingo are no different with Barmy Club holding Morning Madness BOGOF games between 9am and 11am as well as Evening Madness at 7pm and Bingo Cruise at 9pm. Cloud Nine offers more BOGOFs with Morning Glory which is from 9am til Midday, Bingo Cruise at 10am, Happy Hour at 5pm and the Money Express at 10pm. Royal Court has BOGOF game the Crown Jewel at 10pm and the Bingo Cruise games between 6pm and 7pm. Last but not least the Velvet Lounge offers the Bingo Cruise BOGOF games between 2p and 3pm.

High Velocity which plays at 4pm and 11pm in Cloud Nine offer High Velocity Speed Bingo for an ever growing jackpot which grows by £1 with every passing game. You simply have to win at 57 balls to jackpot on a blackout pattern.

The very last promotion we have to tell you about is the Cash Countdown which runs between 2pm and 3pm, 6pm and 7pm and 9pm and 10pm as well as the newly added Midnight to 1am game all of which take place in Cloud Nine.The jackpot starts at £200 and counts down with every game but the games get easier to win as time goes on as the balls to jackpot will increase by 2 with each game. When the jackpot is won the prize resets and the whole process starts all over again. If the jackpot isn’t won the prize will rollover to the next session of bingo games. This game also offers a Bug 5 get the 6th ticket free offer with tickets costing just 10p and the prize always a minimum of £10. Basically the quicker you win the bigger and better the prize!

Titan Bingo is one of the new bingo sites, check out the review or have a look around and see what you think!

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