Bingo News: Tombola Adverts removed

By Becky Mosley - March 30 2009

Two of the television adverts used by Tombola Bingo have been removed as ordered by The Advertising Standards Authority.

One viewer of the Tombola Bingo adverts put in a complaint to ASA which led to the ASA reviewing all of the advertisments in the camplaign.

It was felt that the adverts for Tombola Bingo would attract younger players as they featured a funfair with a roller coaster. The Advertising Standards Authority believe that the adverts could appeal to children and therefore were not appropriate.

During the Tombola Bingo advert it is clearly stated that players must be 18+ but the adverts were deemed unsuitable.

Tombola Bingo argued that they were not seeking a younger audience but only reflecting the games that are on offer including free-fall and Roller-Coaster. Tombola believed that the adverts were geared to appeal to adult bingo players but this did not stop the two adverts being removed.

Tombola Bingo do appear to have been very unlucky in this instance, especially as there was only one complaint.Hopefully this will not lead to more problems for otheronline bingo sites that advertise.

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