Tombola Bingo Big Cinco Winner!

By Asin Agrawal - November 17 2010

It has all been happening at Tombola Bingo and recently another big Cinco winner has been added to the long list of winners at this site. "Katrina171" from East Mailing is the latest £20 034 winner and she had to say that she went online at 4:45 am – must be an early riser; and found she had won £4 on Play Mates. She decided to try her luck with the money on Cinco and lo and behold turned over the right card to win a whopping great cash prize. She leapt out of bed to get her daughter to confirm the win, and now has a family holiday and some home improvements on the cards – nice one! "Msdemonic" also won £11 683 on Bingo 90 and couldn't breath when she saw how much she won, she also9 says she nearly fainted! It's true, Tombola really is the big winners bingo site, there are tons more winners too, check it out for yourself.

The free fiver giveaway ended at the beginning of November, so this promotion is all done with; can you believe this site gave away 25 million free fiver vouchers?! Well they did, and they do this about once a year, so, make sure you are a member and you won't miss out next time. These were given away in the UK's most popular magazines in a promotion which started on the 6th September, the vouchers are still redeemable till the 30thNovember. If "Katrina171" could win over £20K with a £4 win on Play Mates, who knows what you could win with a free fiver. It is worth a try; it won't cost you anything, so if you manage to get your hands on a voucher make sure you play it before it expires. See how to claim yours at the Tombola Bingo Site and become a member of the biggest and best bingo site in Britain. It's also worth noting that there's a 200% welcome bonus when you join!

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