Tombola Bingo Christmas Winners

By Asin Agrawal - December 27 2010

There have been some wonderful Christmas Winners at Tombola Bingo – it is the UK's biggest winning site after all and "xxxholmeseyxxx" must have a big smile on her face! What a festive season this player must be celebrating with a win of £20,000 from Cinco in the bag? "twigs1" from Northampton swung a win of £3039 on Bingo 90 and is semi-retired so will be spending some of the money to visit her daughter and granddaughter who live in Florida. "Shiningstar114" from Cornwall won £1000 on Cinco too and said this was a lovely Christmas surprise and she would not be spending it wisely – her stars must have been aligned for a win!

With all of these Christmas winners and the fact that Tombola Bingo is still giving away additional full house £2,000 links in Bingo 90, and £200 in bingo lite, they also have something special planned for the New Year too. They are welcoming in the New Year 2011 with one heck of a big bang – The Big Link Week which stars on Monday the 3rd January and runs through till Sunday the 9th. There is £70,000 to be won on the UK’s #1 site! Just like the Christmas Links bingo games £10,000 will be won every night. These prizes will be given away in the popular game, Bingo 90 so join in the New Year’s celebration of the Big Link week from 8 to10pm, as £2,000 will be won every half hour.

Although it is really too late to Play Secret Santa at Tombola Bingo, we hope you did get a chance to play. If you didn't, you can still play Knockout Bingo as this game is here to stay. This is elimination bingo and you need to Knockout your fellow roomies – it is fun to watch while they all fall by the wayside and you are still in with a chance to win. This is "Last Man Standing" bingo with ticket prices of 25p, 50p, £1 and £2, and prizes of £250, £500, £1,000 and £2,000!

Tombola Bingo (NEW OFFER)
Tombola Bingo (NEW OFFER) – Play Now


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