Bingo News: Tombola Bingo TV and radio campaigns launched and great new games!

By Becky Mosley - September 3 2008

You are probably aware that Tombola Bingo are running a massive TV and radio campaign with a difference!

These adverts are not the usual kind of adverts that we are used to seeing and they really do stand out! Tombola online bingo have been running radio adverts as well as the TV adverts. Unless you have been living on the moon there is no way you could have escaped seeing or hearing them!

The TV advert has catchy music with some weird singing! The advert is based in a theme park with a green background!

There are loads of new games at Tombola online bingo including ‘Carnival’, which is a free game where you can win a share of £50,000 during September! You just have to have played at least one pay to play game at Tombola since 26th August.

Tombola recently became an independant online bingo site and said goodbye to The Sun Bingo and you can see that they are putting a lot of effort into becoming a brand in their own right! They have fantastic software and a friendly user community.

Get yourself over to Tombola online bingo uk and find out what the fuss is all about!

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