Tombola Bingo - Winners pics for National Dress up your Pet Day

By Peter X - January 22 2011

If you want to see something really cute, get to the Tombola Bingo site and check out some of the winners in the National Dress Up Your Pet Day competition. This took place on the 14th January and there were a couple of other sites who are really on the ball that offered something special for our beloved pets on this day too. I noticed at Tombola however, that only cuddly canines featured and there were no furry felines. My favourite was "Fizz" who is only a runner up, but then again, I am a "Pug" person! Keep your eyes peeled for more of these fun events, if there is one bingo site that sticks to its word, and keeps winners pages and so on updated, it is Tombola Bingo.

If you are a fan of this site, you would have heard of the fantastic new bingo game which is giving away FREE Syndicates lottery lines. This has been going for about a week, maybe more and is simply called "Syndicates". If you are not a member of this site, it is the best winning bingo on the net, and they also offer the most unique portfolio of games. The bingo is so unique, that no other site has even one of these games! There is Cinco, Hamster Race, Battleships, Roller Coaster, Bingo Roulette, Tombola Roulette, Lucky Pick, and lots more; then of course there is "Bandit".

"Tony58" from Glamorgan got his, day, week and New Year off to a very fine start, when he took a stroll through to Bandit in the wee hours of the morning. That's what is so brilliant about playing online bingo, you can play at any time, and win at any time too. This site does not schedule specific prizes at specific times, so you can break out the big guns at any time too. Tony58 won £20,000 on the 10th January, how's that for a win?!

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