Bingo News: Tombola Online Bingo Launch 2 New Rooms

By Becky Mosley - November 6 2009

Tombola’s top no skill card game, Cinco is about to have a growth spurt and introduce 2 new rooms to the ever expanding Tombola site. Players will be able to pick up 10p tickets from Naples or pop to Havana and buy ticket for 40p per game. Both Naples and Havan will be open ngihtly between 8pm and Midnight.

Cinco originally hit our screens in 2006 and has been extremely popular with Tombolas members. Thousands of lucky winners have bagged more than £6.5 million between them since Cinco was born! In the last week an amazing £20,000 jackpot has been won by 4 lucky players, these are just a few of the many jackpots paid out each week at Tombola.

One of Cinco’s recent £20,000 winners was ‘bromson’ from Warwickshire, she said; Thank you so much for my jackpot win. Couldn’t believe my eyes when the 5th card turned. Will definitely be taking a holiday. Big big thank you to all you fantastic roomies and CM’s for your good wishes. I was crying that much my screen was a blur lol.

If you’ve not played Cinco before it’s easy you buy 5 playing cards, you can buy up to 5 hands every game, the dealer deals one card per time, if the card dealt by the dealer matches one of your cards a chip is placed on your card, the first player to have a chip on all 5 of their cards is the winner! There are a total of 12 rooms to choose from with hands starting at 10p. You win the jackpot if you match all of your cards in 5, 6 or 7 cards drawn.

Cinco is an exclusive to Tombola, one of the most popular bingo sites around,you wont find this exciting card game on any other site so join Tombola and play Cinco for your chance to nab £20,000!

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