Top 10 Funniest Viral Videos of 2015

By Ben Barker - February 9 2016

So, we are well and truly immersed in 2016 and what it has to offer, but 2015 is still only a mere blink away. It was a year full of joy and laughter, and let’s be honest that was probably down to all those funny virals that made it on the web. Indeed, there have been countless amounts of memes and viral videos, but which were the best?

We have compiled a list of the funniest virals that braced the Internet last year. Did pizza rat get its way and grab the status as the funniest viral of last year? Or did Ed Sheerchin sing his way to number one?


In descending order:


10. Drunk Racoon

Who knew that a racoon breaking into a beer warehouse could be so funny? The thirsty animal claws its way inside the building and after getting hold of a few alcoholic beverages, attempts to stumble its way home. This video captivated the Internet in 2015 and goes down in history as one of the funniest videos from last year. We dread to think the hangover this poor racoon had…


9. Ed Sheerchin

Fan of singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran creates a tribute video using his ginger goatee to replicate the famous singer’s look. The parody clip managed to get 22 million views in just two days and took the Internet by storm with it’s hilarious lip syncing and crudely drawn on eyes. Your day is not made until you see this.


8. Girl Attempting to Eat Christmas Dinner After a Big Night Out

Girl tries to eat Christmas dinner after one too many drinks. The video features the young female trying to cut the food on her plate, but failing miserably. If you ever thought you were in a state, you can be sure you weren’t as bad as this. It’s fair to say somebody celebrated Christmas in true style.


7. Pizza Rat

A rat caught red handed in New York city, taking a huge piece of pizza down the stairs of the subway. Passersby witness the rodent attempting to carry the food in the busy station and document the amusing incident as it unfolds. This video rendered a lot of laughs across the world, but did you find it just as funny?


6. The Cling Film Prank

We all love a good prank! Aren’t they just a great way to get a laugh at the expense of someone else? Well this video captures some hilarious footage of a cling filmed front door. When they knock, their Mum answers and walks straight into the trap. You’ve got to watch it, it will definitely brighten up your day.


5. Young Male Shows His Trick Through McDonalds Straw

Boy uses McDonalds straw as a prop to demonstrate his beatboxing ability. The video shows Parker Kane showing off his unique skills, as he breathes through the straw making unusual, yet satisfying dubstep tunes. Let’s be honest, only a small minority of people actually like the sound of dubstep, but you’ve got to give it to this guy…


4. Justin Bieber and James Corden Carpool Karaoke

The video features Bieber and Corden driving through Los Angeles, where the two are seen blasting out some classic Bieber tunes. We see them spin-and-sing whilst avoiding the paparazzi on their harmonious road trip. Corden and Bieber are popular and well known in the public eye, having them duet together was no surprise that it would take the Internet by storm.


3. 6 Ft Man in a 6Ft Giant Water Balloon 

Ever wondered what it would look like to fill a giant balloon with a man and lots of water? Well, look no more. This video captures a 6ft male climb inside a human sized balloon, using a hose to fill it with water until it simply cannot take any more. This somewhat theraputic video shows the balloon burst in the blink of an eye. The use of slow-motion effects of the footage not only captivated the Internet but provided a lot of laughter.


2. Mum Scares Her Daughter with Snapchat Update

This mum took advantage of the latest snapchat update, using it as an opportunity to scare her daughter for a laugh. And it really did work… Making a roaring sound at the camera enabled her to morph into an alien-like creature, which her little girl didn’t like one bit. It might be horrible, but her reaction of crying was enough to give any of us a little bit of a giggle.


1. Guy Does Incredible 16Ft Jump-Flip Across Oxford Street

Well that’s one way to cross the street… The video watches him conduct a long and impressive airborne flip as crowds gather to watch. Taking the Internet by storm, this clip provides a very entertaining 13 seconds of suspense. If you haven’t already seen it, then catch the very satisfying video below!


2015 offered up some pretty interesting videos that’s for sure. They provided some tears, some suspense, but most importantly some great laughs. Often, the best laughs come at the expense of others, right?. So let’s thank the Internet for offering us a platform which enables us to reach out to the funniest videos of all time. Let’s hope 2016 is just as hilarious!


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