Top 5 online bingo tips

By Kat Kynes - October 22 2015

Online bingo offers users the chance to socialise, have a bit of fun and even the chance to win big money! If it’s your first time or even if you’re a more experienced player, moving from the large bingo hall to right into your own home is an exciting new way to enjoy this well loved activity. The sense of community is perhaps the most rewarding thing about this past time, but if you want to make sure  you reap financial rewards too with online bingo too, here are our top 5 tips for a smart player.


1) Timing is everything

When you decide to play could be crucial to whether or not you end up winning any money. Weekends  may be a more convenient time for you, however, it may be more convenient for everyone else as well. The more people you have playing in a bingo room the less likely you are too win yourself. find a time  where there are less players participating, such as the early mornings, afternoons and on weekdays.

2) Set yourself a cut off point

It’s easy to get caught up and lose yourself in the fun of what online bingo can be. However, setting  yourself a daily limit so you don’t go overboard is a smart idea! After all, like all gambling activities it’s a  game of loss as much as it’s a game of wins. the best way to keep track of any profits is to know how  much you are willing to spend each day and not going over that set amount!

3) Don’t play too many cards at once

Some sites give you the option to play with as many as 10 cards at any single time, so you’d be forgiven  in thinking that this is a good way to maximise your chances of winning and bringing in some extra cash.  However, playing with so many cards on the table is a sure way for you to miss opportunities or confuse  yourself. Stick to around 4-3 cards so it will be easier for you to keep track of your games

4) Look for bonus offers

Some online bingo sites offer you really good bonuses that can help you. Games that offer you chances  to improve your chances of winning or saving money may be well worth your time investing in so you’re  able to get the most out of your money and your online bingo experience.

5) Join the community

It’s a great idea to join in with the community that surround bingo sites. It makes playing bingo more  fun, but you can also pick up hints and tips from more experienced players, as well as finding out about  new games or bonuses that you haven’t come across yet. The people are friendly and will be happy to  help, especially if you’re new to the game.

If you have a tip to share with us that isn’t on here then let us know and tweet us @bestoffersbingo!

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