The Top Ten Reasons Why Bingo Players Make Such Good Friends

By Ben Barker - March 18 2016


Bingo is an exceptionally popular game whether you are playing for fun, money or any other purpose. The game can be a great social occasion if you are playing with friends or the family, or if you are partaking in a game online.


But why do bingo players make such good friends and what characteristics are often seen in lovers of the game?




You only have to watch someone play bingo to see their passion for the game. If you are a fan of bingo, you can quickly establish common interests and discuss similar passions with other players and enthusiasts.




Many bingo players are exceptionally loyal to the game, some dedicating years of their life to play with their friends or the same social group. Loyalty is one of the finest friendship traits and can often be seen in bingo players.


3-Risk Takers


Whether it is getting up and singing on karaoke or taking a bold risk, bingo players are slightly more likely to take a chance and spice things up. No one wants their friendship to get stale and with bingo players in your group, it is always likely to be eventful, even when you least expect it.


4- Social


Almost every aspect of bingo is about being social. Bingo halls and online forums are continually packed with groups of friends. Playing bingo is one of the most sociable things you can do. Whether you are playing online or going to the bingo hall for the first time, you’re more than likely to get chatting with a fellow bingo player about the game or common interests.


5- Fun Loving


Bingo is more than just about the winning and losing. Most players of the game are there to have a bit of fun and relax. The game attracts easy-going types who simply want to blow off some steam. This quality cannot be understated in a friendship and is a fundamental reason for why bingo-enthusiastic friends can be so much fun.


6- A good sense of humour


It’s likely that if you meet someone who is a keen bingo player, you will be in for a few laughs. Bingo players tend to embrace the jovial discussions that happen on forums or in the halls. If your friend loves bingo, they probably have a great sense of humour.


7- A Good Listener


A good friend knows when to listen, and if your friend is a fan of bingo, they will know the importance of listening and when to hear to a friend.


8- Modern but Traditional


Bingo has been played for many years in a number of different forms. However, a bingo player is now quite likely to enjoy the traditional side of the game and the modern aspects of the game, perhaps playing both in the traditional setting and online. People with traditional values tend to respect friendships and understand their importance.


9- Spontaneous


Bingo is a surprisingly spontaneous game as anything can happen at any point. Chances are if your friend is a fan of bingo they may have an adventurous streak.


10- Knows how to relax


Despite bingo players being spontaneous and fun, they still sit down to play bingo and relax, showing that they know how to truly unwind.

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