Try out all new Sklots at ME Arcade

By Dani Lee - September 30 2010

ME Arcade now offers a new breed of online game called the Sklot. Sounds a bit odd but it’s a cross between skill games and slots so it kind of makes sense to call it a Sklot. These games are unique as they allow you to control your winnings.

You can try Candy Swap Sklot and Icicle Climb which both feature bonus games where you can have some say in how much you receive money wise. Candy Swap is a Bejewelled type game where you play and are paid based upon your score. In Icicle Climb players have to throw tiny icicles for a penguin to jump up onto, the skill is throwing them at just the right time for the penguin to get on. Your prize depends on how high you can get with your throws so it’s not rocket science yet it is lots of fun.

ME Arcade currently offers 100% cash match bonus on first deposits up to £125. So if you spend £50 you’ll get an extra £100. ME Arcade have also recently amended their bonus terms to allow you to play many of their side games using bonus funds so you can try out a whole range of different games.

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