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By Dani Lee - July 4 2010

Two Fat Ladies has been around for sometime and unfortunately so have their promotions. There’s nothing much new on site but we like to keep you up to date with what the online bingo sites have to offer so here goes…

New members receive 20 free bingo cards which are useful in helping you make your mind up about whether to commit to a deposit or not when signing up to a new site. The Two Fat Ladies site in itself looks pretty good and seems to have a fair amount of games so let’s say you do decide to stay on and have whipped that debit card out. Your first deposit will be given 100% cash match bonus between £5 and £100 and subsequent deposit between £20 and £100 will also be topped up with a 50% cash match bonus.

Bonuses aside, there’s not that much going on at Two Fat Ladies as their most exciting current promotion, the Bingo Football Frenzy has lost is sparkle now England are out of the World Cup.
We’re quite keen on 9.45pm Thursday games where you can win a £500 holiday or a 42 inch Flat Screen TV on alternate Thursdays and there’s £100 to be won each night at 8.45pm where tickets are just 10p.

Bingo Pays the Bills is one of the headliners on most, if not all of the many duplicate Dragonfish online bingo sites but we’ll explain about this for those of you who have miraculously evaded it up to know. Players buy bingo cards for the GAS, ELECTRICTY and WATER games and gain entry into a draw which takes place at the end of each month and sees three players fob off one of their utility bills on Two Fat Ladies. If you’re a winner in one of the GAS, ELECETRICTY. Or WATER games you get an additional entry therefore improving your chances of winning.

There’s a weekly Happy Hour and £1 Million Coverall games which have been around forever as well as a spot of Team Bingo. Weekends provide the only new offers when Two Fat Ladies issue their weekly gazette containing their weekend line up. You can normally expect two win some kitchen gadget or another though picnic hampers and garden furniture have made appearances in recent weeks.

Overall there are a couple of decent promotions at Two Fat Ladies though it would be really nice to see something new for a change. For example, this and pretty much all of this network’s sites are still advertising the Chica event which took place back in 2007! You’d think after 3 years this might have been removed but clearly it’s either too much trouble or Dragonfish keep it there to fill space.


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    li class="comment even thread-even depth-1" id="comment-154"> andrea494

    It’s a bit of a let down this site,i enjoyed it when i first joined until i started looking at other bingo sites. They don’t seem to have good promotions

    August 18, 2010


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