Wag Vegas Bingo has Guaranteed Prize Pots

By Asin Agrawal - November 27 2010

Wag Vegas Bingo does not really have a lot on offer in terms of regularly changing daily, weekly or monthly promotions, but what they do have is a bingo schedule that is full to the absolute brim with special guaranteed jackpot prizes. This means they give away thousands of pounds a week in these bingo games and a guaranteed prize, means that the prize advertised is the prize that is won, the bingo tickets range in price from as little as 5p and are all available in pre-buy!

They have also got a range of slots that really fit the bill and if you look at yesterdays' Bingo Wag Vegas winners, this should tell you something about the site: There was "kiltykate" with her £7,635.74 win and "keza68" who won £2,740.20, then "luckycow247me" was pretty much a lucky cow with her win of £1,845.04. "gratt67" won £2,434.29 and "mikel" won a whopping £10,346.00 – I'll bet they are going to have a fantabulous blast of a Christmas! "polly162" won a generous £5,580.08, and "myweesheep" is crying wee, wee, wee all the way to the bank today with her win of £13,346.80. And that is not all of the winners!

All is fair in love and bingo and you will find fair for all games at this bingo site, as well as Fast Lane speed bingo sessions, new 1TG and 2TG sessions, The More You Play Tournament on Sundays, as well as many more. Bingo Wag Vegas is just bingo-tastic, so check out the weekly specials too – there are thousands of bingo points up for grabs in these games with a competitive twist, and all you have to do is play your normal bingo games. This will get you into Money Spider, Legs Eleven and even Hot Numbers, and the more BP' you win, the more free bingo you get to play.


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