What’s happening at Bet365 Bingo?

By Becky Mosley - February 11 2010

Bucks Back Bingo has made a welcome return to Bet365 Bingo and with good reason as there’s guaranteed prizes up for grabs and the unlucky ones who don’t win get their stake back so you have nothing to lose when you play. Players can now buy tickets for the Bucks Back games from Monday through to Thursday 6 to 6.30 in the Safari Room.

Players can also enjoy free bingo every hour of every day in both the Island Hopper and Safari Room so you can get your free bingo fix and warm up for some of the bigger games like the 100 Daily Game which offers a £100 guaranteed prize every day at 7.02pm in the Island Hopper Room. There’s also the exciting Grand Game which plays on the last Thursday of the month and not to be missed.

Bet365 Bingo also offer Bingolinx games where the Jetsetter, Safari and Island Hopper Rooms link together and offer a huge £4000 prize. These games play at Midday, 6pm and 10.30pm so you have 3 chances to catch these games each and every day and the special Bingolinx game on the last Sunday of the month offers an even more impressive £10,000 prize!

Manic Mondays gives us all a reason to look forward to the end of the weekend and the start of a new week with players given the chance to receive £5 for every £150 you stake in the previous week, making Mondays a lot more appealing.

There’s a rather large £1000 daily prize pool in the First Class Lounge in the First Class Fever promo. You just need to spend £5 on bingo tickets on any given day and you will be put on the guest list for a night of First Class Fever the following day.

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