What’s going on at Foxy Bingo this Christmas weekend?

By Asin Agrawal - December 26 2010

I am seated on the edge of my chair, I am biting my nails in nervous trepidation, but I still don't know what is happening at Foxy Bingo on Christmas Day. They are keeping it a big secret, so this make me naturally assume that it must be a BIG surprise – I hate surprises; especially the big kind, I always want to know what it is now!! I suppose we are all in the same boat and we shall have to wait and see what gives. We already know they are giving away £31,000 in cash on the 31st December!!

Talking about giving, Foxy Bingo has been doing their fair share of this already this week and has just ended three days of a fabulous Christmassy version of the "Everyone's a Winner" instant bingo game, where a guaranteed prize went to all. There was thousands of pounds worth of bingo points and £1,500 in cash given away as a top prize. There has been the daily advent promotion where they give away great stuff every day, and at the time of writing, the offer was Bumper Free Bingo. Also at the time of writing they were giving away the latest Apple fad, the marvelous, "everyone must-have," iPad! All the regular guaranteed games are still taking place and you still need a ticket in it to win it.

Don't forget to play Cash Call on Thursday (and Tuesday) this is not a Christmas promotion it runs all year long and they give away £100 for free every 10 minutes. Tune into the Foxy Bingo Radio show to join in the fun with this game, and tune in between 8 and 9pm. There are still lots of lovely surprises lined up with Foxy Claus, so get registered today and whatever you do, make sure you get bingo tickets into the fab £31K scheduled for New Years Eve.

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