What’s the most important thing your mum has taught you?

By Ben Barker - March 9 2015


Manners cost nothing - Top Thing Mothers Have Taught Us

source: arabiannotes.com

Our mothers play an incredibly significant role in our lives. They are the ones who give us life, keep us alive during our fragile early years, and they teach us the skills needed to thrive in later life. But what is the most important lesson our mothers have taught us?

As it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, Best Offers Bingo decided to conduct a survey in order to find out just that. We asked 1000 people across the UK to tell us what the most important thing their mum has taught them. The top 5 responses are listed below.

The Top 5 Responses

Manners – 9.9%

Honesty – 6.5%

Love – 6.1%

Respect – 5.1%

Kindness – 4.1%

The lesson that received the most responses (9.9%) was manners. Manners are a universally recognised and revered characteristic. It is one of the first things outsiders pick up on and compliment when meeting a child for the first time, such as whether they say please and thank you.

Manners was the top response amongst males (11.5%) and females (10.3%), as well as the top response in the various regions of the UK. Manners received 21.7% of the responses in Northern Ireland, 20.5% of the responses in Wales, 12.2% of the responses in Scotland and 8.7% in England. It was also the highest response in 18 to 24 year olds (11.3%), 25 to 34 year olds (10.01%), 35 to 44 year olds (11.5%) and 45 to 54 year olds (12.2%).

Next on the list of important lessons is honesty. Honesty received 6.5% of the overall responses. 7.7% of males listed this a one of the most important lessons learned from their mothers, and received 4.9% of female responses. Although the majority of age groups we targeted listed manners and their most valued lesson, the majority of 55 to 64 year olds (16.9%) and people aged over 65 (13.8%) said that honesty was the most important lesson.

The final three of the top five responses is love with 6.1% of the responses, respect with 5.1% of the responses and kindness with 4.1%.

There we a whole host of other important lessons received in the responses, such as cooking, patience, morals and humility. However there were also some funny responses such as ‘communism’ and ‘don’t eat yellow snow’.

Let us know the most important lesson your mum taught you on Twitter at @bestoffersbingo.

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