What’s Up For Grabs at Cheeky Bingo Today?

By Asin Agrawal - October 14 2010

Every day is a day worth playing at Cheeky Bingo because there is always something great up for grabs. This is what you can get if you register here today – a chance to play free bingo and win real cash prizes in six different bingo rooms. Triple your first deposit with a 200% first cash match bonus – deposit £10, they give you £20, deposit more and they give you more, in fact you can deposit up to £50 and they will give you £100 more. Come back for more and they give you even more with a 50% re-deposit bonus. Once your account has been credited, you can play any games that you like.

Peek into the Cheeky Chest they have tons of points to be won every week – in fact there is a million of these to be won. What about Cheeky's Prize Pick? This bingo game has super stuff up for grabs, you can win all kinds of fab prizes such as GHD's, so why spend £100 for great hair when you can win a pair at Cheeky Bingo? The prizes and days they can be won change every week, so keep on your toes and check the bingo site for current info.

For a mid-week pick me up, join in the fun in Cocktail hour, simply bingo on the Mojito, Cosmopolitan or Long Island Ice Tea patterns to be entered into a draw to win a hamper full of groovy goodies. The bar is open so step inside and chill out. They are full of cheeky surprises and every Friday the BIG game plays with £5,000 as a prize in Cash Crazy. They are crazy to give away so much money and you would be crazy to miss out, so pop your head in, don't be shy to read Cheeky's Diary and take advantage of everything you possibly can.

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    li class="comment even thread-even depth-1" id="comment-451"> ryry121

    lol my lass would love a spair pair of ghds lol then agan what women wouldnt lol whekky is a great site to plat ot i love it

    October 17, 2010


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