Who wants to win a mini at Wink Bigno this Christmas?

By Becky Mosley - November 24 2010

It is that time of year again, the time that all the best online bingo sites bring out the big guns in their Christmas and New Year promotions. I don't for a moment believe that Wink Bingo will be the only site giving away a car, the difference is that this prize is a Wink Bingo Mini Cooper and it has become tradition to win one of these cars at the site on New Years Day.

Although last year for some reason the Mini Bingo Game was postponed and only took place on the 10th January, the Mini was still won and this is the third consecutive year that the game takes place – hopefully this time on 1st at 8pm. Check out previous winners at Wink Bingo and ask yourself this very important question, would you rather win a Fiat 500 or a Mini Cooper? I know what I would opt for! If the answer is a Fiat 500, you will be playing at the wrong site and also have your priorities a little bit mixed up if you ask me – the Mini is a class act but you could try your luck at winning a Fiat at some of the other top bingo sites this Christmas.

Bingo tickets for this game are expensive, but look at the size of the prize?! They cost a fiver each, but Wink Bingo as usual has something up their sleeve to help you earn free bingo tickets. Earn 500 MINI points which equals one free bingo card, there are certain actions to take to earn these points and they will soon add up, especially if you play bingo. The amount you spend plus the fact that you win on the MiniWink pattern all count and there is both a photo and Facebook opportunity to pick up even more points. I don't doubt that there will be some special promotions which will be able to earn you even more Mini points. In the meantime, just buy one ticket a week till the big day happens and you will already have quite a few in the bag when the time comes.

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