William Hill Bingo Goes BOGOF Barmy!

By Asin Agrawal - November 13 2010

William Hill Bingo is famous for their free bingo games, but they are also becoming famous for BOGOF Bingo too. They have loads of these games on offer and if you are looking for budget friendly games (which you should), you will find them at this site. Every Saturday this month in the Community Room you will find brilliant BOGOF games, where you buy one and get one free; from morning and all day long into night.

Christmas will soon be coming and if you are budgeting for gifts, you will need to budget for bingo too. BOGOF games are a great way to still play and have fun, with half the cost involved and twice the chance to win. Because they are such good value and you can even purchase tickets in pre-buy, do your shopping while you are online, and play bingo at the same time. What a way to avoid the crowds?! For even more BOFOG Bingo, you cannot fault William Hill so play till the 16th November (next Tuesday), to make sure you get your fill. Check these games out, you will find them in the Bargain Basement where all good BOGOF belongs.

While you are playing at this bingo site, do yourself a favour and check out the Big Top Tombola and the Clover Rollover slots. Both of these games feature massive progressive jackpot prizes and the Clover Rollover prizes stands at £3,691,832.91, while the Big Top Tombola is in second place with a stunning £ 1,323,691.90 prize! Both of these games are just itching to be won, and if you think you are going to be the one to win it, you need to spin it first. We have been waiting with baited breath for the Clover Rollover to drop and it just doesn't want to happen – perhaps it just waiting for you to drop those lucky clovers on the pay-line?!

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