Win £1000 for just 1p at Robin Hood Bingo

By Becky Mosley - January 24 2012

As you probably all remember, Robin Hood used to steal from the rich to give to the poor and in the £1000 guaranteed game it feels like there's a definite whiff in the air of this. Basically, there's a whopping £1000 to be won by you guys and the ticket price is just 1p. Of the top of my head, I can't think of anywhere you cab turn 1p into £1000 so good old Robin Hood is onto something here.

As it's nearly the end of the month and pay day is fast approaching, I bet a fair few of you are sighing with relief that, that all important pay check is nearly here. If you've started receiving your credit card bills from Christmas, I bet some of you might even need a little extra this month, so why not play PayDay Bingo? This bingo game has a £10,000 jackpot with a guaranteed minimum payout of £2000, imagine winning, it would be like all your pay days have come at once. You could then say goodbye to those bills and concentrate on the New Year Christmas bills paid, yay!

Robin Hood Bingo also offers free bingo, as he knows, sometimes you really must get your bingo fix and sometimes, you don't have the funds possible to do so. There's a huge £2500 in free bingo jackpots available every single day.

If you've already signed up to Robin Hood Bingo you will have enjoyed 4 days access to the exclusive newbie room, where there's £160 in free jackpots every day and you probably enjoyed playing through your free £15 welcome bonus after your initial £5 deposit, right? Well, Robin never stops giving you freebies and added extras, as you've probably noticed. If you like the Robin Hood Bingo page on Facebook, you get a free £2 bonus and there's £10 bonus for every friend you refer to the bingo site and lets be honest, it wont be hard to convince your mates to give the site a try. It's fab!

Robin Hood Bingo (NEW)
Robin Hood Bingo (NEW) – Play Now

Robin Hood Bingo

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