Win £500 for Christmas at Mecca Bingo

By Isobel X - December 10 2010

It is your chance to win your Christmas on Mecca Bingo and they have come up with a Christmas cracker of a bingo promotion to take care of this. The one unfortunate thing is that this promotion plays on a Monday, so you only get one chance to win each week.

Mecca Bingo has obviously done their homework as they’ve worked out average cost for Christmas in the UK is £500! So there are six more chances to win £500 which if you win, would mean that Mecca Bingo paid for your Christmas! The competition plays on a Monday, so you have Monday the 13th and Monday the 20th December to get your name into the prize draw. Each of the prize draws gives away three prizes and all you have to do to get your name in that hat is spend £20 on bingo games on that day. It won't work if you spend the twenty on the 12th December, it has to be spent on the 13th or 20thto qualify for that specific draw.

Also remember; Mecca Bingo is currently running a "Mecca Moment Day" promotion and we all know what these are – ways to do something that would really mean "so much" to you – something spectacular. There is £1000 in the kitty for this, so you have to appeal to Mecca's way of thinking and either post your dreamed about moment up on the Facebook page or email your idea in to this bingo site, after you have spent at least £20 on any bingo tickets. This needs to be done before the 12th of December, or you will miss out on your moment in time so get a wiggle on!

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