Win a Luxury Caribbean Holiday at Jackpot Bingo

By Becky Mosley - May 29 2013


Are you a VIP at Jackpot Bingo? Then pay attention to this special announcement – play on July 11 at 8 PM, and you could be winning an all-inclusive holiday to the Caribbean for two. This really is the ultimate prize – it includes 10 days in a luxury resort, with £1000 spending cash in your pocket. Don't forget your toothbrush or bikini for that matter

Trust your intuition
Superstition plays a big part in the world of UK bingo – whether you keep a lucky rabbit paw nailed to the wall, or you have a lucky pair of pants we all have our little superstitions and traditions. And that's why I love Zodiac Bingo so much – this is a monthly game with a £500 full house. Is it written in the stars that you will win? The next game is Gemini, and plays on June 20. Lucky rabbit paw at the ready.

Grab a grand
Fancy getting your mitts on £1000? Of course you do, which is why you need to enter the Grab a Grand £1000 game. It's easy to remember – it plays on the first day of every month, and tickets are on sale now. Best of all, it's buy one card get one free – make the most of this opportunity to win £1000 for a minimum investment.

200% welcome bonus
As part of the DragonFish network, JackpotBingo is competing against lots of other identical sites. And actually, it has one of the biggest and best signup bonuses on the network – 200%, to be precise. Sign up now, and turn your £10 into £30 – if you're going to play at any DragonFish site anywhere, it may as well be Jackpot, thanks to this augmented welcome bonus.


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