Win ten times the cash in 2010 with Astro Bingo

By Becky Mosley - January 15 2010

Astro Bingo are giving their members the chance to win 10 times the amount of their biggest win in 2010. This exciting new promotion began Friday 8th January and will last 3 weeks.

Every day between Midday and 11pm a ’20’ pattern and a ’10’ pattern will be rotating in Astro’s linked bingo games which run at the top of the hour. If you win on both patterns in a single week you’ll have the chance to win 10 times the amount of your single biggest bingo win in 2010!

It works like this, between now and the day the contest winner is revealed the biggest win that player has during that time will be credited to their Astro account every Sunday for 10 whole weeks, giving you 10 times the cash!

If you qualify between 8th and 14th January the winner will be announced on 15th January. Qualifiers between 15th and 21st January will be announced on 22nd January, and finally between the 22nd to 28th will be announced 29th January. There will be a dedicated page letting players know if they have qualified and giving them a unique ‘Entry Number’ between 1 and 75. Only the first 75 players who qualify will be eligible for the prize.

If you’re in those lucky 75 you need to watch the 10pm Friday game in your qualifying week and the last number that is called in the game will be the number will determine the winner. It’s really quite easy and sure to be and exciting way to spend the next few weeks whilst we’re stuck indoors in the warm!

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