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By Asin Agrawal - February 28 2016

It is fair to say that most major online casinos, bingo domains and sports betting sites offer loyalty rewards. Just what you can get from your favourite site will vary though. Over at Buttercup Bingo, you can get what is easily one of the best loyalty deals of all.

Loyalty Program

Buttercup Bingo is offering all players at their bingo domain the chance to join one of the hottest loyalty programs going. After registering as a player at Buttercup Bingo, every deposit you make, every wager you stake will get you loyalty points.

buttecup bingo

Four Different Levels

There are four levels to Buttercup Bingo’s loyalty plan. Silver members (Level 1) can earn up to 1,000 loyalty points, and bag 100% match deposit bonuses on all deposits they make. After reaching Level 2 (with 1,001 points), you can claim a Gold member’s 150% bonus on all deposits. This rises to a 200% bonus when you have 2,501 points and become a VIP member (Level 3). The best VIP level is SVIP, which is attained by having 5,001 points. With this Level 4 offer, you can get a 250% bonus on every single deposit you ever make at the site.

Deposit Bonus

Buttercup Bingo’s loyalty bonus is well within reach. All you have to do is sign up to become a member of this bingo domain. Their impressive Newbie Bonus Boons can see you land a 500% match deposit bonus on the very first deposit you make. You can then claim a 350% bonus on your second deposit, as well as a 300% bonus on your third deposit. Players will be able to claim a 1,150% bonus in all then if they deposit three times. Few other bingo sites can match that.

Sign up Now

For loyalty and bountiful bonuses Buttercup Bingo is your place to play this February.

Buttercup Bingo

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