Bingo News: Wink Bingo due to bring back their £15 free no deposit bonus.

By Becky Mosley - April 23 2009

Recently Wink Bingo announced (April fools day of all days) that they were changing their deposit bonus to £10. It seemed to be a very hasty decision and there was no warning and no real reason given. Perhaps they had some sort of financial panic, who knows! Anyway it must have had a negative impact as they have announced that they are now bringing it back in May 2009. Great News!

Wink Bingo is an amazing site when you consider the amount they give away, only recently they gave away a Mini Cooper to a very lucky winner – Joanna Kane. She chose some very strange numbers, 9 and 11 but they happen to be her children’s birthdays and the day she passed her driving test. The prize was one of the biggest prizes given away by an online bingo site and is worth over £16,000. Wink also has some great free bingo games which give online bingo players two chances to win guaranteed jackpots of at least £50. You could also class their Risk-free bingo games as free bingo, every Friday there is a guaranteed prize of £500 and even if you don’t win anything the money you have staked gets refunded!

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