Wink Bingo’s Halloween Madness

By Asin Agrawal - October 27 2010

You have got to check out the Wink Bingo Halloween Madness Chat Party. This looks like an absolute blast; the moon is full, which as you know sends the CM's howling mad so you have to join in the fun and play the Full Moon themed chat games. The party takes place on Saturday the 30th October, which by the way is also the date that the totally nutty £5K Shopping Spree bingo game plays at 10pm.

Wink Bingo is planning to give you a ghoulishly good time and allow you to win creepily cool prizes. This bingo site is offering double Joy Points and you can't have enough of those, chocolates, champagne and much more. You will be cackling over these cool prizes; it all starts at 8pm and lasts till the witching hour when all Wink Bingo members magically turn into pumpkins

Find the Full Moon chat games in the Hangout on Saturday the 30th, and you will also find some of the moonie madness games playing from the 28th to the 31st October in all open, hosted chat rooms. There will be "I just Mooned the Caller", "Bad Moonie Rising", "Shake that Booty" and "Booty's Up" being played.

You need to register your alias with Holly at Wink Bingo or you won't get into play. They have a Duck and Rabbit team and they want to put all players into either one of these teams as there is also a special tournament taking place. The winning team gets a share of 100,000 Joy Points and as you know the next Joy Pot is worth £25,000, so the more Joy Points you have the more chance you have of getting free bingo tickets into this game, giving you a much better chance of winning.

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