World Cup Free Bingo at Ladbrokes

By Dani Lee - June 21 2010

If you’re getting into the football and you love your online bingo why not do both at the same time? At Ladbrokes Bingo right now you can play Super Free Bingo during every single World Cup game between now and Sunday 11th July. The Super Free Bingo games will last 105 minutes and will kick off at the same time as the footie, if you’re unsure see the bingo schedule on site.

There will be 14 free games in every session and you can buy up to 42 free tickets in every game which is a lot of tickets! The best thing about these Super Free Bingo sessions is that you can actually take away real cash prizes! One line wins will get you £5, two line wins will win you £10 and if you get a Full House you’ll receive £15!

Just when you thought this promotion couldn’t get any better, Ladbrokes go and give you the option to upgrade your Super Free Bingo tickets to Superbook tickets which mean bigger and better prizes!

Superbooks tickets are just 1p and if you win on of these the prize money increases to £60 which is divided up as £10 for a one line win, £20 for a two line win and £30 for a Full House. You can mix things up and buy a selection of both Free and Superbooks tickets and everyone is playing with 42 tickets so everyone has a fair chance of winning. So if you buy 10 Superbooks tickets you’ll then get 32 Free tickets.

You can pre-buy your tickets for these World Cup games at Ladbrokes Bingo so if you do happen to slip out to watch the game down the pub you won’t be missing out. There is also the chance to play in a private bingo room for an exclusive night of Free Bingo on Friday 16th July when you get a Full House in one of the Super Free Bingo games so there’s another good reason to make sure you catch a game or two!

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