The Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts EVER!

By Ben Barker - February 13 2015

Warning sign for no presents

Everyone has their own way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Some couples go out to their favourite restaurants, others will go to the cinema and others just exchange cards and gifts – many don’t even celebrate the occasion at all.

It’s the way you approach Valentine’s Day as a couple that makes the whole thing special (or not!) Many are uncomfortable with public displays of affection and prefer to have a quiet, romantic home-cooked meal by candlelight but others want to be wined and dined in public, dressed up and showing off their happiness.

The exchanging of gifts is always a contentious issue on 14th February – you certainly don’t want to hand over a £5 gift if your partner has spent hundreds, (that’s a surefire ticket to an argument!) This got us thinking… what’s the worst Valentine’s Day gifts people have ever received?

We asked 1,000 people from around the UK to share their experiences with us and there was a resounding winner with the majority of those surveyed saying that the worst gift they ever received from their partner was… NOTHING!

384 people included in the survey responded saying that receiving nothing was as bad as it has been for them, proving that to some people the exchanging of gifts is very important indeed (we’re not sure how many of these relationships lasted until the 15th!)

The next most popular response was from the 38 people who were given a pair of socks on Valentine’s Day (13 women and 25 men). While it could be said that it’s the thought that counts, and the majority of the 1,000 respondents obviously take part in Valentine’s Day in some way or another (excluding the four who said they don’t exchange gifts), 32 said the worst gift they received was a card implying they were either hoping for more from their partner or they just received a truly awful card.

26, of which 13 were men, said that the worst gift they ever received was flowers which also means 13 women didn’t like the flowers they were given – maybe because they were the wrong kind, dead or that they just looked cheap, like your typical petrol station forecourt bouquet. Other notable unwanted gifts include chocolate (20), teddy bears (15) and sex toys (12).

Some of the strangest responses included being brought a meal from Burger King, being given a homemade cassette, having last year’s card given to them again, having a star named after them (which is quite sweet if you ask me), and being given the exact gift that they gave to their partner the previous year!

Among the worst gifts to be given included an iron, kitchen utensils, a hoover, a snake, anti-aging cream and a used lipstick.

There were also other responses which I’m sure other people would have really appreciated, including jewellery, a car, a set of tyres, a track rod end for a Mini and – the most bizarre response – a time machine according to a man from Edinburgh (although he might not be there now and may have received a worse gift since, we’re not sure!)

On a positive note, 20 people who took part in the survey said that they had never received a bad Valentine’s Day gift – congratulations to their partners, (would they please come forward and advise the rest of us!)

Interestingly, for those who think that Valentine’s Day is just for the women in our lives, 58% of online respondents in the survey were male, with the majority of respondents aged between 18 and 24 (23%), closely followed by those in the 25-34 bracket (22%).

It seems as though the English have either the most interest in Valentine’s Day or the most negative experiences at least, with 80% of those taking part in the online survey living in England. 14% of those involved were from Scotland with 3% from Northern Ireland and Wales.

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