Would You Play Drive-In Bingo like The Swedes?

By Ben Barker - May 28 2015
Source: www.guardian.com

Source: www.guardian.com

The Swedes have long been seen as a progressive people. From the welfare state to the education system, Sweden’s institutions have often been held aloft as a sign of a forward-looking country.

And they’ve now taken that progressive mentality and applied it to the concept of bingo. Many have complained that old school bingo halls have declined in popularity and that the social aspect of the game has been impacted by online bingo. We would disagree with this statement, of course, because online bingo chat rooms are some of the most social places we know.

Either way, Swedish people have spiced up bingo…by driving to a field and playing the game in their cars.

It’s called, unsurprisingly, drive-in bingo: it’s a Swedish pastime that is played by thousands of country folk during the nicer summer months. Bingo halls in Sweden have suffered much the same fate as those in the UK, but this drive-in has clung on to popularity in spite of everything. And apparently the younger generation is taking interest, too.

The best thing about it: you have to beep to signal that you’ve got a full house. Imagine the satisfaction of honking your horn rather than shouting out. But what if there were two winning cars near each other – would the bingo caller be able to tell who had got there first?

Another nice thing about drive-in bingo in Sweden is that the money generated from card sales goes to funding local sports. There was one example of a village that supported the wrestling club using these funds.

Maybe we could get the same thing going in the UK? There are plenty of commuter car parks that lie empty in the evening time – all people would have to do is drive up, get their tickets from the booth where the attendant usually sits and then you’d have a caller and a PA system. Simple.

Let’s see how long it takes for someone to set up the first UK club!

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