Deposit Bonus

When looking at bingo sites, you’ll come across loads of attention grabbing promotions – one of the most popular being the bingo deposit bonus.

You’ll see huge deposit bonuses up for grabs for new players, these have grown hugely throughout the year so you really can make your deposit go much further increasing your chance of winning.



What is the bingo deposit bonus?


A deposit bonus is basically extra funds that the site provides as soon as you make your first deposit. There are different bingo deposit bonus offers available including:




Can I withdraw the money?


One important question you should ask before signing up for a deposit bonus offer is whether you can withdraw the money.

Unfortunately the majority of bingo sites do not allow you to withdraw the free bonus cash provided. In fact, you may not be able to withdraw any winnings you gain from it until you have met certain wagering requirements.

A lot of the time the deposit bonus is given as a ‘bingo bonus’ rather than actual cash. This means it can only be spent on bingo games.


Terms and conditions


As with any promotion, the deposit bingo bonus terms and conditions should always be looked into.

One of the main things to watch out for as mentioned above is the wagering requirements. These can vary significantly between bingo sites. For example, some may state that you need to wager 2x the deposit amount and the bonus amount. Others may want you to wager 5x the amount. This means if you deposit £50 and receive £50 free, you would need to spend £200 before you can withdraw anything. Understanding these restrictions is extremely important before you sign up.

The bingo deposit bonus is a great incentive, but it is important to know exactly what it involves. Try and find a site that offers minimum wagering requirements.

While they may be rare, there are sites out there that let you withdraw money straight away. There are also no deposit bonuses available where you receive a set amount of free cash as soon as you sign up. The terms and conditions are typically the same as the deposit bonus though so always read the small print.