Football Pools

Football pools have been around for years and they were once run by several different companies. However, in 2007 all of the companies such as Littlewoods, Zetters and Vernons came together to create what is now known as ‘The Football Pools’.  The company is now operated by Sportech Plc.

Once only available offline, players can now enjoy this popular type of betting online. So what exactly is it and how can you take part?

Deposit Bonus
The Football Pools is owned and operated by industry giants Sportech Plc. Play each pools game for just £1, minimum deposit £5. Pay by credit/debit card or set up a direct debit.


Online football pools

Online football pools give you the chance to win a potentially large amount of money by predicting the outcome of various football matches. Along with the main pools bets, there are also numerous variations that you can try your luck on. Just some of the variants include Premier 10, Jackpot 12 and soccer 6.

All of the variants require you to select the teams you think will win, lose or draw from a list of fixtures. With Premier 10 you need to select 10 teams, with Jackpot 12 you need to select 12 teams and with soccer 6 you need to select six teams. The games you have to choose from are typically related to Premiere League matches.

In a classic pools game, in order to win the jackpot, you need to try and get the most points. A set number of points are awarded for a draw, win or lose result. The prize pool is split between those taking part, with a larger proportion going to those who score the most points.

You will find a lot of football pools online don’t use the traditional scoring system. Instead they reward you with cash if your predictions are correct. If you play a Jackpot 12 game for example, you could still receive a pay out if you only guess nine correctly. Rules vary between sites which is why it is always a good idea to compare the different online pools available before selecting one to take part in.

Large jackpots for little stakes

One of the main reasons pools betting is so popular is because it gives players the chance to win large sums of money for very little stakes. For example, it isn’t uncommon for players to win thousands of pounds for a stake of just 50p.

Another advantage of online football pools is that you don’t really need to have any knowledge of football. It isn’t important to research form and every little detail about your chosen teams. It’s a fun game where you can simply guess which teams are going to win, lose or draw. It is basically like a lottery and a lot of it is based on luck. Of course, it may help if you do know your teams, but it really isn’t necessary.

Football pools are a popular game and many online bingo and casino sites do offer them. They are easy to play and could help you win a lot of money if you make the right predictions. Remember, before taking part in an online pools game, be sure to compare your options and choose a site which provides the best pay outs.