Responsible Gambling

Online bingo sites are heavily regulated in the UK and have to ensure that players are encouraged to gamble responsibly. There are several ways bingo sites encourage responsible gambling and steps that players can take to ensure they gamble responsibly and continue to see it as a leisure activity.

Know your limits and set them accordingly

This doesn’t mean you just decide how much you want to play with and deposit that, but to actually set up either a deposit or loss limit on your online casino or online bingo account. This will stop any player from spending or losing more than what they can afford.

Deposit and loss limits can be set up via your online account. A deposit limit will limit the amount a player can deposit in any set time period. So if you want to only spend £20 a month or no more than £10 playing Bingo on a Saturday night, set up either a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit and then you’ll know you won’t be able to overspend.

A loss limit is a great way to help you budget your gambling allowance and encourage responsible gambling. If you set a loss limit then if you play and keep losing, once you’ve reached your loss limit for that day, week or month, you won’t be able to play any further. It helps stop players from trying to win back loses continually or blowing their budget in one go and therefore be tempted to spend more.

Self Exclusion

In some cases where a player feels they need a break from a game or site, their online gambling has become unhealthy and they’re concerned over the amount of money or time they’re spending, they can choose to ban themselves or ‘self exclude’ as it is referred to.

You can self exclude from a particular game product you might have issues with, so for example, if you feel the need to take a break from slot games but still want to continue playing a game of bingo once a week with friends, you can just exclude from slots. If you want to stop altogether then you can exclude yourself from the whole site and in effect, freeze your account for a set period where you’ll have no access. If this is the case, it’s advisable to stop following that site on all social media and you might want to think about setting up blocks on your internet to stop access.

Are you worried you’re not gambling responsibly?

There are several warning signs to look out for if you’re concerned about the amount of time or money you spend gambling online. Ask yourself the following:

If any, some or all of these sound familiar to you, then you might want to seek further advice or help from one of the following organisations:

Gamble Aware is specifically set up to help players gamble responsibly and has information available on every type of gambling.

Gamblers Anonymous is a world known organisation set up by men and women who come together to support one another with their gambling issues. There are Gamblers Anonymous groups available throughout all regions in the UK.

GamCare is an organisation that offers advice, support and information to help players in need any gambling problems. They also offer counselling for free where applicable. Tel: 0808 8020 133 or

Over 18s only

Lastly, it’s illegal for anyone under 18 to gamble in casinos or bingo halls so it’s worth remembering that online casino and online bingo sites are for over 18s only too. Just because they’re online it doesn’t mean they’re regulated any less strictly than a live casino or bingo hall. All online casino or bingo sites must ensure players are over 18s and will carry out checks to ensure minors can’t play.

If you have anyone under the age of 18 in your home, then it’s advisable to set up the correct filters or blocks on your internet, set up parental control on their mobile phones, laptops or tablets and never leave your devices unlocked and unattended.