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GamePoint are developers of massively-popular free online games. Every day, thousands of players log on to play free versions of their favourite titles, such as bingo, darts, royal dice, rummy, Teasers, chess, Pictionary, pool, Othello, hearts and many more. The main GamePoint site acts as an international social network, with players creating profiles, keeping up-to-date with news and participating in tournaments. When I visited the GamePoint website, a live ticker told me that there were 16,847 players online, and in total, 15.2 million hours had been played.

GamePoint was founded in 1998, and now offers a unique blend of casual gaming along with social networking. Games are designed to be multiplayer, allowing friends and family to connect across the world, via culturally-specific games.

For more than a decade, GamePoint has been at the forefront of online game development with German, Dutch, and international platforms. These are distributed through a myriad of portals, social networks, and partner websites and their main aim is to entertain, engage, and keep players at a website longer.

Popular games like poker and bingo are played for credit, rather than cash – this means no gambling is involved whatsoever.

In 2009, over 2.5 million visitors hit the Netherlands GamePoint portals, which put them at the top of the social community and casual gaming charts. In early 2009, free online casino games were released in Germany, which proved exceptionally successful. In late 2009, GamePoint released a third international platform. The international platform boasts games in 10 languages, and boosted growth in the Anglo-American markets. On average, players play for 120 minutes per visit, and at time of press, GamePoint had almost 50,000 likes on Facebook.

Flagship games

Bingo – will you be the first player to cover your numbers? Fancy something a little different? Then try SUPER BINGO, SPIN BINGO or SCRATCH BINGO.

WordTornado – blow your partner away with the longest and most impressive words.

Darts – compete in three different length competitions – a leg, a set, or a full match.

Backgammon – the world’s oldest game. Compete with other players around the world.

Royal Dice – a simple,and quick game – throw the highest combinations to win the pot.

Hearts – go Dutch or American?

Poker – fire up the Lady Gaga and put on your best poker face.

Sudoku - test your skills on this insanely popular Japanese number puzzle.

Pictionary - unleash your inner artist.

Chess – Fisher or Blitz? Can you checkmate your buddy?

Pool – just like the real thing.

Othello – a classic strategy game – the more you play, the trickier it gets.

Dominos – score maximum points by connecting the tiles.

A visit to the GamePoint website

I was most impressed when I visited their main website. It looked unlike any other gaming site, i.e. big budget high-rez graphics and funky layout.

Registering an account was simple, and the more you play, the more coins you earn. It is possible to win real prizes during special promotional events.

It’s simple to chat and make new friends – GamePoint is a massive social network, with players battling it out globally to win credits and prizes.

I am a big fan of Draw Something, so I thought I would check out Pictionary. Within seconds, I was drawing pictures and swapping them with another player, before moving on to darts, and pool.


GamePoint International is licensed by the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague, Netherlands.