TV Bingo

You’ve seen them on TV, now try them out. You will find these bingo sites offer an amazing bingo experience. They don’t offer as much free bingo but they make up for it with their sites and the size of their chat rooms and bingo playing community.

Online bingo sites advertising on TV is becoming commonplace and the amount spent on advertising on this medium has been increasing massively year-on-year. Here we have listed a lot of the sites advertising on mainstream TV so you don’t have to search for them online and can access them easily from one place. We keep this page updated regularly and as soon as we see a new site advertising on the TV we put it here.

Why are there so many Bingo adverts on TV?

It’s a good question, there are a number of contributing factors. Online bingo is big business and could be described as recession-proof as people want to try for a big win to help them financially. As bingo and other forms of gambling are legal in the UK, this country is a perfect place to advertise.

Advertising on TV helps bingo sites increase their brand awareness, this means if you are looking through a list of sites, or you have been thinking about playing bingo for some-time you may be tempted to type in their brand name or you may choose their site out of a list because you recognise the name. Currently the UK gambling laws allow advertisers from a specific set of countries abroad (known as the whitelist) to advertise in the UK, some of the countries on the whitelist have very favourable tax benefits for the bingo site which makes advertising on TV that much more of a worthy investment. We certainly recommend these sites as they are guaranteed to be whitelisted by UK Gambling Laws and are likely to have a larger budget which could mean larger jackpots!